Ambrit Metrology Metering Services

Metrology™ is a suite of metering applications that helps manage all aspects of the measurement process, from the flow computer all the way through to accounting.

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  • Acquire™ Metering HMI

    Acquire™ is a revolutionary metering HMI application that takes measurement control systems to the next level in terms of setup, features, connectivity and ease of use. Acquire builds powerful HMI solutions to solve real world metering problems. Acquire™ at a glance...
    • Multi user HMI for flow measurement systems
    • Flow computer and PLC integration
    • Real time graphical P&ID with control
    • Batch scheduling and history
    • Prove control and history
    • Station reporting
    • Alarms and events
    • Rapid deployment
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  • Approve™ Meter Proving

    Approve™ is a web-based tool designed to effortlessly manage all the prove data generated by flow computers. The prove results from every prove performed are stored in a centralised database, creating a comprehensive and accurate prove history. This prove data can be shared instantly and securely across an entire corporate intranet or over the Internet, enabling technicians, auditors, operations and management to monitor the performance of every meter on the system. Approve™ at a glance...
    • Meter performance tracking for bi-directional, uni-directional, compact and master meter provers
    • Manual / automatic prove entry
    • Validates flow computer prove results
    • Prove certificates
    • Historical control charts
    • Complies with API chapter 13.2
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  • Calibrate™ Calibration Management

    High integrity measurement and control systems need to be carefully calibrated to ensure each instrument is working within its operational limits. Calibrate™ manages the whole calibration process and provides certification that can be easily accessed and audited. Calibrate™ at a glance...
    • Calibration management
    • Purpose built calibration template library
    • Calibration scheduling
    • Calibration certificates
    • Complete calibration history
    • Equipment performance charts
    • Online / offline calibration mode
    • Integrates with SAP / Maximo
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  • Inspect™ Audit Management

    Inspect™ is the ideal tool for managing an entire audit program. It simplifies the whole audit process from the creation of the audit inspection criteria, writing the report, peer review, publishing of the report, right through to the management of the findings. It allows a team of people to interact in a way that would be impossible conventionally. Inspect™ at a glance...
    • Audit programme management
    • Custom audit inspection criteria
    • Finding entries with recommendations, comments and attachments
    • Finding management through to closeout
    • Automatic PDF audit report generation
    • Centralised library of all audit reports
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  • Profile™ Measurement SCADA

    Profile™ is an enterprise-level Measurement SCADA system that automatically collects and manages all the data generated by a flow computer. Profile™ at a glance...
    • Measurement SCADA
    • Centralised data collection
    • Real time access with control
    • Historical data collection
    • Batch and prove data
    • Flow computer report and distribution
    • Controlled access to the flow computer
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  • Record™ Metering Logbook

    Record™ is an online metering logbook that is designed to effortlessly track any operational or maintenance changes made to metering instrumentation and test equipment as they occur; preserving them in a fully auditable list of events. Record™ at a glance...
    • Process and equipment logbook
    • Purpose built metering templates
    • Chronological timeline of all metering events
    • Manual / automatic event recording
    • Tracks movement of equipment
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