Meter Engineers

Since 1976 Meter Engineers has been serving the Petroleum Measurements Industry. It is now in its second generation of ownership. At Meter Engineers, they attribute their growth and longevity to a steadfast commitment to service, innovation and consistent performance. In addition, they promise to deliver results and solutions for the industry they serve, and that will never change. Furthermore, part of their corporate culture is to constantly assess how things are being done, and how they can be done better. Consequently, when you work with Meter Engineers, you are working with four decades of research, improvement and results.

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  • Bidirectional Meter Provers

    A bidirectional prover has a 4-way valve that alternates the sphere to travel in both directions.
  • Detector Switches

    All the best technology combined into one switch. Its adaptability to any switch base, with little or no additional expense, makes it a good, economical choice.
  • Magnaprove

    SMALL VOLUME PISTON PROVER Meter Engineers new, patented MagnaProve® is the most dependable, user friendly and economical small volume piston prover on the market.
  • Unidirectional Meter Provers

    Meter Engineers has developed a unique unidirectional meter prover that eliminates many of the problems other unidirectional prover designs encounter.