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  • spring loaded emergency vent

    Spring Loaded Emergency Vent

    The Shand & Jurs 94250 Spring Loaded Emergency Vent is an economical solution to emergency venting on higher pressure tanks where weight palletted systems are impractical. The springs provide a tighter, more economical seal for higher operating pressures. The constant force of the springs immediately reseat the pallet after the overpressure is relieved. This minimizes VOCs and odor emissions.
  • spring loaded pressure relief vent

    Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Vent (Spring Closed)

    The Shand & Jurs Model 94140 Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Vent reduces excessive venting of product in liquid storage tanks. Available for open or closed vent systems, this vent provides pressure relief by either venting vapor into the atmosphere or piping emissions in a closed loop system.
  • stilling well adapter

    Stilling Well Adapter

    The evo 2600 Radar Gauge is the latest product in L&J Engineering's new evolution series of radar level gauges which are leading the industry with innovative new features and benefits not found in other products. The evo 2600 uses L&J's latest and most technologically advanced radar technology to deliver 3mm Accuracy in a wide variety of applications at a competitive cost.
  • tank monitor

    Tank Monitor

    The MCG 8100 communicates and provides power to any of the L&J 81xx series magnetostrictive level probes or interstitial leak detection probes through a convenient 4 wire data highway. Up to 10 individual probes and 12 external sensors can be connected in parallel to the same MCG 8100, with the appropriate amount of I.S. barriers Through this data highway, the MCG 8100 can be used for product level, water level and product temperature in the tanks.
  • touch panel alarm monitor

    Touch Panel Alarm Monitor

    The MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor offers complete remote checking of alarm probes through cutting-edge technology that makes the system accurate, extremely reliable and fully compatible with the MCG 1090 and the MCG 1095 Level Alarm Probes.
  • touch panel tank monitor

    Touch Panel Tank Monitor

    L&J engineering's MCG 3630 Touch Panel Tank Monitor provides field polling support for level, temperature, BS&W and density. It displays information as text or in graphical format in bar graphs for multiple tanks. The MCG 3630 provides a touchscreen selectable system allowing the user to set gauge address, enable tanks for polling and scale factors for graphs.
  • wireless base station

    Wireless Base Station

    • Connects directly to PLC or L&J engineering Computer
    • Interface various field control and monitoring equipment to the L&J system
  • wireless level alarm probe

    Wireless Level Alarm Probe

    The MCG 1095 Wireless High Level Alarm Probe brings state of the art technology to overfill protection- it is the only probe on the market with complete self testing! The competitors systems typically only check the wiring and probe electronics.
  • wireless level alarm system

    Wireless Level Alarm System

    The MCG 1096 Wireless High Level Alarm System brings high technology to over fill protection. In keeping with the L&J tradition, the MCG 1096 has gone a step further than the competition in providing high reliability and low maintenance.
  • wireless magnetostrictive level probe

    Wireless Magnetostrictive Level Probe

    The MCG 8140 Wireless Magnetostrictive Level Probe is a highly accurate, continuous measurement device that is easy to install and maintain. The MCG 8140 combines our highly reliable magnetostrictive technology with our wireless Spread Spectrum Technology (frequency hopping) to provide both highly accurate, reliable level data transmission without the need of any power or signal wire.
  • wireless proximity switch

    Wireless Proximity Switch

    In this new age of always wanting more information, L&J Engineering now offers a way to monitor when tank vents are relieving. Our MCG 1097 Wireless Proximity Switch can send a signal to notify the operator when a pressure device is relieving. This valuable information can be monitored and tracked. The instant reliable data will prove to be an asset that avoids the hassle of guess work and a saving of both time and money.