Strata Controls provides Liquid Flow meter calibrations, covering a wide range of measurement principles and manufacturers. We have two mobile Compact / Small Volume / Piston Prover, and a new Volumetric Meter Prover. They are capable of field calibrations for load rack, truck and rail terminals, LPG bulk delivery terminals and/or trucks, and pipeline meters. Compact provers provide a wide turndown 1000:1, quick proving, and less volume to drain at the end of the day compared to conventional pipe provers.

Mobile Compact / Small Volume / Piston Prover

Strata Controls meter proving utilizes Ambrit Approve Mobile software that interfaces with our Omni flow computer to control the prover. Approve Mobile will track all proving data, Meter Factor, Temperature, Pressures and proving reports. This data is then published to our server daily, the server is running Ambrit Approve/Profile. The proving information is trended and limits are defined for each meter that will notify the Prover Technicians if the meter is with in limits. We also allow our customers to view this information which gives them a great view of their meter health. The Approve Mobile software gives us the ability to quickly review pass to pass and run to run real-time data which we use to make decisions on how the calibration/prove is performing. We can also view the pressure and temperature during the prove to insure that it is stable. This is important when proving load rack meters as the products we are proving are being transferred to the truck compartment which typically can only hold a certain amount of volume. The quicker we can analyze the data and make these decisions the less volume we use to obtain a prove report. Strata Controls insures that the latest API tables are implemented, TP-27 and 11.1(2004).

Safety is always important when tapping into our customer’s process to perform a calibration. Strata has developed our safety manual specifically around meter proving. We are fully compliant with ISN, Comply Works and PICS. These sites hold our safety information, insurance, WCB and other documents. We can provide this information to you on request.

We have personnel registered by Measurement Canada to perform inspections pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act.

The calibration range for the 12” CT Meter Prover is 0.397 to 397 m3/hr.

12inch CT meter prover

The calibration range for the 18” CT Meter Prover is 0.794 to 794 m3/hr.

18 inch CT meter prover

Flow Meter Types Calibrated:

  • Brodie and Smith Positive Displacement meters, Daniel and Smith Positive Displacement and Turbine
  • Liquid Ultrasonic
  • Micro Motion Coriolis (mass meter)
  • Vortex
  • Thermal Mass