Master Meter Proving

Strata Controls has added a Master Meter Prover to our fleet to better assist our customers with flow measurement calibration at all levels of the energy industry. This style of prover is ideal for proving water, crude oil and condensate meters.
Applications include water meters at oil cleaning and treating facilities, railcar loading of crude and truck loading of crude oil or condensate. Types of meters; Positive displacement, turbine, and coriolis.
We understand the importance of accurate measurement and have developed a Master Meter proving system that is designed to minimize uncertainties which will make a positive impact to your bottom line. We are not just testing/proving the meter but the process.

Our prover is designed to meet low temperature and sour conditions with 600# ANSI pressure rating.

  • 3” Micro Motion Meter, factory calibrated on two densities. This factory calibration directly correlates to better flow accuracy.
  • Omni Flow Computer utilized to control the prove cycle and calculate pressure and temperature compensation of the fluid being proved, real-time, no operator intervention or spreadsheet requirement
  • Flow rates 2 to 150 m3/Hr, Temperature and Pressure transmitters installed wired to the flow computer
  • Meter calibration on water, condensate and crude oil with our custody transfer meter prover
  • Proving procedure is AER compliant, all of our calibrations are traceable.
  • On-site meter maintenance and bench calibration of water meters.
  • Strata leaves you with an easy to understand computer generated report containing all of the vital information you and your production accountants need.
  • We offer industries most cost effective solution for a variety of proving situations.

Safety is always important when tapping into our customer’s process to perform a calibration. Strata has developed our safety manual specifically around meter proving and we are COR certified. We are fully compliant with ISN, Comply Works and PICS. These sites hold our safety information, insurance, WCB and other documents. We can provide this information to you on request.
Let us show you why we’re serious about your measurement, please contact one of our professionals for more information.
Mat Dixon – Measurement Manager
Cell: 403-703-6977